The one word Dikshonry


Da Big Bad One-Word Dikshonry
Thirst for thoughtless and frivolous futilities…
Hunger for meetings fortuitous or forced…
Drawn to cascades of novel sounds ne’er ere be-eared,
And stories too.
From these converging impulses the following project compelled:
  • Languages and lingos, idioms and idiolects, argots and jargons, patois and dialects
  • Eked from everywhere,
  • From up and down an’ north an’ south an’ east an’ west an’ air an’ earth an’ water
  • As many as can be, a firebrand of dancing tongues,
  • Living, alive or barely breathing, or unctuously moribund and thrilling to the ears of single specialists
So, sounds – zounds! – signs…
A couple of wo… – no, not words, but… images? sensations?
Rolled out on all these tongues,
To start, I choose:
  • Butterfly
  • Stairs (or ladder)
  • Tickle-tickle (or ickle-tickle)
You will find these sensation-images:
  • In characters of the language in which they’re expressed
  • In Latin characters
  • In sounds
Along with:
  • An image of he/she/it that pronounced it
  • Or what they – may have – conjured up to the person speaking it – a story? a proverb? a memory? a song? a poem? or ‘something’ else again?
Traduit par Simon Hamilton

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